One Year Membership Includes:
Exclusive Skeleton Mug will be kept it here at the brewery for the year.  
After the year is up it is yours to keep.($25.00 Value)
As a member
, your mug holds 20 ounces of beer vs. our standard pint,
meaning more great beer for you
every time you buy a beer.
10% discount on all apparel
Your first beer on your birthday will be on us!
$8.00 Growler Fills ($
8.00 off every fill)
Terms and conditions:
•        Club Membership and benefits are not transferable.
•        Mug Club discounts cannot be used in conjunction with other
•        Mug Club memberships run from February 1st - January 31st.  
•        Memberships purchased on or after February 1st still hold the
January 31st expiration date.
•        At the end of the year subscription, you will have
the month of
January t
o renew and keep your number. If you decide not to renew we
will offer your mug number to the next customer. It is your responsibility
to contact us to renew your membership.
An Annual Membership $